London Dolphinarium

The London Dolphinarium was located at number 65 Oxford Street on the corner of Great Portland Street and Oxford Street. It was owned by a company called Pleasurama. It opened in 1971 and closed in 1973. The tank was 3m deep, 14m long and 5m wide. The star attractions were Bonnie and Clyde, two dolphins. They were also joined by sea lions and penguins. A man called Terry Nutkins was the Assistant General Manager of the dolphinarium (who helped found it) and David Taylor was the original "Zoovet". The dolphinarium was said to host shows or revues which included scantily-clad "aquamaids" performing a kind of striptease but there is some confusion between this dolphinarium and the Royalty Follies Dolphinarium which opened in 1974 in Soho which hosted such shows, so this may not be accurate.

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